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Full Stack Engineer

Are you a lead engineer or architect who’s tired of meetings and bureaucracy? Not surrounded by talented people you can learn from as much as you teach? Want to get back to coding? Come join a team of experienced engineers, collaborating to solve hard problems from scratch and laying the foundation for a growing company.

We like big thinkers with small egos who share our goal of building a great, long-lasting tech company in Boston. We have a culture of fast-paced yet sustainable, craft-driven development and a passion for building great products. Our goal is to turn every sales rep into their prospects’ most trusted advisor, and we’re using machine learning and functional programming to do it. We’re building it right.

Our system has a lot of moving parts: a large volume of data to process, store, and retrieve; complex transformations to perform; machine learning algorithms to apply; and a slick UI to delight our customers. The technologies and performance constraints required to build Zensight involve topics of ongoing computer science research and offer rich challenges and growth opportunities. We’re looking for experienced, generalist engineers to join our well-funded startup as we build v1. We want people with strong opinions (weakly held) who can take charge of large swaths of the project and scale their responsibilities with the team’s growth. Experience with scalable, complex architecture is a must, and so is a passion for building good software.

Our software stack:

How to Apply:
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Machine Learning Engineer

Zensight’s amazingly rich data is a fantastic playground for a data scientist. At the core of our product is insight extracted in near real-time from a stream of email and CRM data reflecting the day-to-day interactions our users have with their prospects. You’ll discover, refine, maintain, and take a leading role in implementing the analytic engine that builds that insight, working with a modern functional programming stack (Clojure) and a team of experienced full-stack engineers in an environment that truly values (read: is obsessed with) data-driven decisions.

How to Apply:
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Content Marketer

Do you love writing? Are you looking for a ground floor opportunity with a startup that will support your creativity as you build your audience? Are you intrigued by the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity? Let’s talk!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Imagine, create and help promote a diverse portfolio of unique content in line with the editorial calendar you build and maintain. Expect plenty of opportunity to publish under your own byline. We need your creative intuition combined with our analytical tilt to turn the behavioral data our product generates into something special: truly original, eye-catching stories that people can’t help but share.
  • Find creative ways to amplify the impact of our content by producing related pieces across many mediums and channels.
  • Research and understand our readers and be their internal champion, aligning our voice consistently across all communication channels (product, website, email, social, PR, etc.).
  • Drive new product features based on the data-driven insights you uncover into how our customers succeed.
  • Role involves ~80% content creation and ~20% marketing with a focus on writing: blog posts, eBooks, case studies, email, web copy, product copy, etc. Visual design is a secondary deliverable for this role (we have dedicated design resources available).

Ideal Candidate Characteristics:

  • Great writing talent
  • A love for data, learning, and results
  • Experience building audiences online
  • Attention to detail
  • Solid project management skills

How to Apply:
Provide writing samples, resume, and any other info that makes you stand out to